A Few Tips That Every Consol User Should Know

If you’re reading this article, then you’ve probably heard of Consol. Maybe you’ve used it before. Maybe you’re currently using it. Whatever the case may be, you’re here now which means one thing; you’re interested in making your Consol experience even better than it already is.

Today, that’s exactly what we’ll be doing; discussing tips and tricks that every Consol user should know!

Toggle Distraction-Free Note Editing


With that in mind, one neat thing about note editing in Consol is that you don’t have to constrict yourself to a split-screen view. Simply by tapping the arrow to the left of the X at the top right, you’ll open a full-screen editor. This makes it so that you’re focusing solely on your editing experience, having everything else like your Workspaces and Categories view out of sight and out of mind.

Here’s a visual that simply explains how you can toggle full-screen mode.













Set Reminders, Utilize Comments


Running late for a date? Set up a reminder for a future time and Consol will remind you to finish your work. Need to write out a few thoughts before you go so that you don’t forget them? Utilize the comments section as your brainstorm section so that your work stays clean and untouched.














Add Tags To Bulk Items


Tags are a great way to organize data; they allow you to assign specific keywords to items that help you define what that item is about.

What if you have more than one item that needs to be tagged, though? With Consol, that’s no problem. You can select as many items as you’d like and add custom tags to those items at once. Take a look and see for yourself!











I hope that these tips helped enhance your Consol user experience, and that you’ll try them out! As always, we hope that you enjoy using the product and that it helps organize your world your way.