Tutorial 008: Search

Universal vs contextual search

The search bar is located at the very top of Consol:

In general, performing a search will display all relevant results, no matter what workspace is selected. The only exceptions to this relate to the People and Bugs workspaces. Selecting People or Bugs before executing a search will filter the search results to only show either people or bug content items, respectively.

Here’s a list of what the search function crawls:

  • The title text of all items
  • The body text of unencrypted notes and unencrypted code blocks. (Search will crawl text in other fields in a future Consol update)
  • The display name of all Consol users
  • The exact spelling of all text preceding the @ symbol in email addresses of Consol users you are not connected to
  • Partial spelling of email addresses of connections
  • Email addresses of contacts
  • A particular #tag to display all items with that tag. The hashtag (#) symbol is required
  • While the Bugs default workspace is selected, a bug ID number search will return the corresponding bug