Tutorial 004: Scheduling

Set it in time

It’s easier to plan ahead when your events are laid out on a calendar. In Consol, everything can be put on the calendar. The calendar view will be more fully explained in Tutorial 11: Calendar, but for now let’s look at how scheduling works.

Schedule this

As seen in Tutorial 3: Content types, the scheduling field appears near the bottom of the pageview.

You can specify the date, hour, minute, and am/pm for the “Start” and “Stop/Due” fields.

Click on the “Date” field to begin selecting the date.

Use the “Next” and “Prev” links to navigate between months and years. To finish, click the day that you want. To change the hour, minute, or am/pm use the selector dropdowns.

Clear the dates and times by clicking the “Clear” button.

If you clear the “Start” field, the “Start” and “Stop/Due” fields will be emptied and removed from the calendar view. If you don’t need a stop time, click the “Stop/Due” field’s “Clear” button and the start time will remain scheduled.

A reminder can be added for every scheduled item. Start by choosing a time from the dropdown selector.

The reminder will happen at the selected time before the scheduled start. Next, choose the kind of reminder/s that you prefer. The default is a pop-up. To change this, click “Inbox” or “Email” and then toggle “Pop Up” off by clicking on it. If you accidentally toggle “Inbox” or “Email” off, “Pop Up” will automatically be selected again.

If you change your mind, choose “None” in the reminder dropdown selector. Clearing the start time of a scheduled item will remove the reminder as well.

Reminder pop-up

If you are logged in to Consol, the pop-up appears at the time of your set reminder. If you are logged out when the reminder is set to pop up, it will appear when you log in again. You can click on the items listed in the pop up to view them quickly. Click the “Dismiss All” button to dismiss all reminders.

If you want to set another reminder, select a time before the item’s scheduled time or a snooze duration after the current reminder using the dropdown selector. Then, click “Snooze All.”

By default, the “Snooze” and “Dismiss” buttons will apply to all items within the list. To snooze or dismiss particular items, click the checkbox and then apply the snooze or dismissal by clicking the appropriate button.

Notice that the selection is reflected in the “Snooze” and “Dismiss” buttons as well.

The “Inbox” reminder is sent to your Inbox default workspace. The “Email” reminder is sent to the email address you registered with.

Content is dynamic

You now know how to create content, what types of content are available to you, and how to organize items within a schedule. But there is more that you can do! Go to Tutorial 5: Send copy and share to learn how to send your content to, and share it with, other users.