Tutorial 002: Content creator

The beginning

The content creator is at the top of your screen, next to the “Categories” list.

All of your content begins in the content creator. We think making new notes, bookmarks, or anything else should be easy: content creation is meant to augment your productive activities, not be the activity.

We are going explain the different kinds of content in Tutorial 3: Content types. For now, let’s look at how the content creator works.

Type selection

The content type selection dropdown box, which we will just call “the selector,” determines what content type you are creating.

There are some limitations on what types of content you can create, which depend on the workspace you are currently viewing. You may create any type of content when in your own workspaces or the inbox default workspace. The Tasks, Contacts, and Bugs default workspaces are limited to tasks, contacts, and bugs respectively. When you are viewing the Shared, Archive, or Trash default workspaces you cannot create new content. The default workspaces are covered in Tutorial 7: Default workspaces.

When the selector shows “(Auto)” it will automatically detect several things: the selector will change to display “Notes” as you type out a title; as you type or when you paste a URL, the selector will show “Bookmarks;” as you type or when you paste an image URL, the selector will display “Images.”

You may also click on the selector to manually choose a content type for item creation.

Creation field

What you type in the creation field will be the item’s title. To make a new item, type a title and choose an item type (or let the selector choose for you), then hit ENTER or click the “Create” button.

The creation field can be used to select the content type using these shortcuts:

Type Shortcut
Note !n
Code !c
Bookmark !b
Task !t
Message !m
Contact !con
Image !i

Complete the shortcut key by hitting the SPACEBAR.

Inherited organization

When you create an item of content, Consol assigns it automatically to the workspace and category you have open.

An item’s workspace(s) and category(ies) can be changed at any time with tagging, which we will cover in Tutorial 4: Tagging. Bugs are the exception to this rule: they are always assigned to the My Bugs category within the Bugs default workspace.

Quick buttons

Ever needed to start taking rapid notes during a phone call or meeting? Use the quick buttons to create an item and edit its content without needing to create a title first. You can add the title later.

Content types

We want Consol to be a productive environment for you. We want you to be more efficient and more successful. To do that you will need to understand how content types work. Continue with Tutorial 3: Content types.