Tutorial 008: Search

Universal vs contextual search The search bar is located at the very top of Consol: In general, performing a search will display all relevant results, no matter what workspace is selected. The only exceptions to this relate to the People and Bugs workspaces. Selecting People or Bugs before executing a search will filter the search … Continue reading Tutorial 008: Search

Tutorial 007: The List View

Recognition In many cases, a mere title is not enough information for you to remember or reevaluate an item you have created. You may want to know its last modified date, what type of content it is, or whether it is an item that you have shared or that another Consol user has shared with … Continue reading Tutorial 007: The List View

Tutorial 006: Tagging

Very organized Tagging allows you to organize things your way. Simple? Complex? It’s all up to you. What is a tag? A tag looks like #this. It’s like a label: it is used to track organizing assignments. Workspaces and categories are special tags that allow you to create views in Consol. For example, suppose you … Continue reading Tutorial 006: Tagging

Tutorial 004: Scheduling

Set it in time It’s easier to plan ahead when your events are laid out on a calendar. In Consol, everything can be put on the calendar. The calendar view will be more fully explained in Tutorial 11: Calendar, but for now let’s look at how scheduling works. Schedule this As seen in Tutorial 3: … Continue reading Tutorial 004: Scheduling

Tutorial 003: Content types

The pageview When you make a new item using the content creator or quick buttons, the pageview will appear for you to edit it. There are similarities between all content types. The next example uses a note to generally describe how to interact with the items you create. There are eight buttons across the top … Continue reading Tutorial 003: Content types

Tutorial 002: Content creator

The beginning The content creator is at the top of your screen, next to the “Categories” list. All of your content begins in the content creator. We think making new notes, bookmarks, or anything else should be easy: content creation is meant to augment your productive activities, not be the activity. We are going explain … Continue reading Tutorial 002: Content creator