Getting Started: 8. Chat and Saving Chat Messages

Private Chat

In order to chat privately with another user, you need to establish a connection with them. Once you are a connection with another user, you will see them in your connections list on the right and their current status is marked by the colored bar to the right (Green = Available, Yellow = Away, Red = Busy, Gray = Offline).

  1. Click a user’s name in the connection panel to open a private chat.
  2. Type a message into the input field at the bottom of the chat window and press enter to send a message:

    The recipient will receive a notification next to your name as well as the Connections title in the Connections panel. The notification on the title will appear if there is more than one pending message from any of your connections.

  3. There are three ways share files through the chat interface. You can you can click the upload button next to the text input field to select a file on your computer, you can drag and drop a file over the chat window, or you can copy an image and paste it the text input field (copy and pasting only works with images in memory, not files).

    Below is an example of an image being dragged and dropped. The chat window dims to indicate the file/image will sent to the chat. It’s also possible to drag files and images onto the list view to create an item for each file, but this will be covered later.

  4. Saving / Cherry picking chat messages: If the chat message is an image, you can click on the image to view it in a popup modal box. From here, you can right-click and save it to your file system:

    If the contents of a chat message are important and/or something you would like to store long term, either you or the recipient can hover over the chat message (or tap the chat message on touch devices) to see a series of buttons. Clicking one of these buttons will create a Consol item in your Consol #inbox that contains the contents of the chat message. You can then tag the item when its convenient to file it away for safe keeping.

    In the above example, I clicked the task button to generate a new task. It immediately shows up in my #inbox and because it’s also a task, it appears in my Tasks workspace, which will be covered later.

    And also if the chat message is an image, you can click on the Image button / cherry pick button to save it to your #inbox for later tagging.

    If the contents are a file, you can click the Download button to save it to your computer OR you can click the File button to save it in your Consol #inbox for later tagging.

  5. Editing and Deleting messages: If you are the message author / owner, then you can see the Edit button when you hover over the message (or tap the message on touch devices). Click Edit:

    The text content will be given a gray background in edit mode where you are free to modify its contents. You can also click the Delete button to remove the message. Once you are finished editing, click Done:

    And the edited message:

    In the next section I’ll cover chat rooms. All of the message options that were covered in this guide also apply to chat room messages.