Getting Started: 7. Sharing and Sending Copies

There are four ways to share content within Consol. Three methods require recipients to be Connections.

  1. Send a copy of an item. This is like sending an email. Once it’s sent to another user, it cannot be recalled / un-sent. The difference, however, is that you will keep your version, but a new item will be generated for the recipient with all the data that existed at the time the copy was sent. Recipients must be connections.
  2. Add another user as a collaborator. This allows the recipient to view and edit the contents of the item. More than one collaborator can be added to an item, recipients can remove themselves at any time, and the owner can remove any collaborators at any time. Collaborators must be connections.
  3. Generate an item link to allow semi-public, read-only access to the item, accessible even by those who don’t have a Consol account. Anyone with the unique URL will be able to view the item, but it is not searchable within Consol nor is it crawled by search engines. While logged out, navigating to the item link will display a web page of the item. Navigating to the item link while logged in will load the page view of the item.
  4. Sharing workspaces and categories. When sharing an entire workspace or category, the recipients become collaborators on all items assigned to the workspace and category(ies). Collaborators must be connections.

1. Send a copy

  1. Open an item:
  2. Click on the Share button at the top of the page view.
  3. Under the heading Send a copy, type the email address or display name for a Consol user. While typing, an auto-complete box will appear that displays emails or display names that match your entry. If the icon next to their name and/or email address is green, you have an established connection with them. If the icon is gray, they are either not a connection OR the email you entered is not associated with a Consol user.
  4. Click the user in the auto-complete drop down box who is a connection to add them as a recipient:

    If they are not a connection, completing the send-a-copy action will also send them a connection request. If they accept, they will receive your copy. If they are not a Consol user, an email will be sent to the email address you entered inviting them to try Consol. If they sign up, they will receive your copy.

  5. Click the send copy button to finish sending the copy.

    The recipient will receive a notification increment on their inbox indicating they have a new item:

2. Add a collaborator

  1. Open an item:
  2. Click on the Share button at the top of the page view.
  3. Under the heading Invite/Collaborate, type the email address or display name for a Consol user. As described above, the same rules apply for Consol users you are not connected to and non Consol users.
  4. Click the name of a connection in the auto-complete drop down box to add them as a recipient.
  5. Click the Confirm New Share(s) button to finish adding them as a collaborator.

    The recipient will receive a notification on their Shared workspace indicating they have been added as a collaborator to an item. By clicking on the Shared workspace and Others’ Shares category, the recipient can see every item that someone else has shared with them.

    The owner of the item is displayed before the title in the list view:

    Collaborators are then free to tag this item with their own #workspace, #category, and standard tag(s). Any additional tags added by the owner or collaborators, besides the shared workspace and category, will not be visible others. For example, if the owner tags the item to an additional, non-shared, workspace, the collaborator(s) will not see this assigned tag. If a collaborator wishes to add their own tags to an item, none of the other collaborators or owner will see these tags. This allows you to keep your personal tags private from other users. The item is also available under the Shared workspace as long as the recipient remains a collaborator.

    If the recipient opens the item, they will see the owner’s display name at the top right of the page view, a Remove button in the place of the delete button, and all collaborators listed below the title. Clicking the remove button will remove themselves as a collaborator.

    Both recipients and owners can also see all current collaborators in the share menu. This is where owners can remove collaborators:

3. Generate an item link

  1. Open any item.
  2. Click on the Share button at the top of the page view.
  3. Under the heading Share Item Link click the Generate link button.

    The link field will light up and display its unique link. Warning: If you ever disable the unique link, it will be gone forever and it’s not able to be retrieved. Anyone you had given the link to will no longer be able to access the item.
  4. Click the Copy link button to copy it to memory.
  5. Paste the link into the address bar of a separate browser to view the public facing version of the item. If you paste it in your browser while logged in, it will simply load the item in the page view.
    Live Example:

    Item links are handy when you want to share a read-only version of an item with everyone in a chat room, regardless of whether they are connections or not.

4. Sharing Workspaces and Categories

This topic will be covered in a later section.