Getting Started: 6. Consol Connections (like friends)

In order to share, send copies, and chat privately, you have to establish connections with other Consol users. Upon first signing in, you will not have any established connections. If you are part of a team, you will likely want to establish connections with all of your team members. To establish a connection:

  1. Select the People default workspace

  2. The search is now contextualized to Contacts, Connections, and Consol users. Search for the email address OR display name of a different Consol user to view the results. Display names are user-defined, so they may not always match users’ real names.
  3. Select the result that appears in the list view (shown above) to open the Connection Page
  4. Observe the page view of the connection is displayed. The status is currently not yet a connection:
    Page view that displays the connection status: currently not connected.
  5. Click the Request Connection button to make the request. The connection page will automatically close and both you and the recipient will see a pending request on your People default workspaces. If you reopen the connection, you will see it’s in pending status, awaiting approval from the recipient. If you change your mind, you may cancel the connection request by clicking the Disconnect button.
  6. Alternatively, you can request a connection by clicking on someone’s name in a chat room you both belong to, either from the chat stream or the user list within the chat room on the right sidebar (chat rooms will be covered in a later section).

    If you are already a connection, clicking a user’s name will open a private chat with that user.

    After clicking their name, a popup will appear with a button that will allow you to request a connection:

  7. Once a connection has been requested, you both will see a pending request in your connection lists:
    The recipient will need to click on the pending request to view the Connection page and then accept the connection:

    The connection page will close automatically and the connection is now established. If you re-open the connection page, you can see all the details your connection has completed in their profile, under settings. We’ll cover the profile and settings in a later section.

    The Connection page view of someone who is an established connection
    You will also see existing connections in the Connections panel on the right side of Consol. Clicking on their name in this panel will open a private chat with this user.