Getting Started: 4. Creating Content

Below is the Content Creator:

Content Creator

There are four methods for creating content:

  1. Typing the title of an item in the Content Creator’s text input box and pressing enter or clicking create.
  2. Clicking one of the four Quick Buttons to the right to instantly create an item in the inbox, before defining its title.
  3. Dragging and dropping multiple files or images over the List View (the large gray box below the Content Creator—see 1. Getting Started: Consol’s Layout).
  4. Changing the Content Creator’s drop down field to file or image and then manually uploading a single file.

1. Creating Content Using the Text Input Box

  1. Create a note by typing the title into the content creator text input box. As soon as you start typing, the system will default to the Notes content type and then it will detect which Workspace and Category you have selected and display their tags to indicate these tags will be automatically assigned to the item you are creating. You can optionally add additional tags during the creation process by typing them in after the title by including a hashtag in front of each tag name.
  2. Press Enter or click the Create button to create the item. The note will appear in the List View and automatically open in the Page View:

    With the item open (displaying its page view), you can see its current tags. #Workspaces will appear in dark blue, categories will appear in light blue, and #standard tags will appear in gray.

  3. Using the Add tag field, let’s add a standard tag to the item called #meetings. Type meetings in the field and press Enter. You will see the tag is added to the item (additional tagging options will be covered in a later section).

    For most item types, the cursor will be refocused to the page view. For tasks, the cursor will remain in the content creator to enable you to quickly create multiple tasks in seconds. Go ahead and make a few tasks (you can delete these later). Observe the tasks appear at the top. Items will appear newest first by default.

2. Creating Content Using the Quick Buttons

Quick Buttons allow you to create content instantly, with one click. Clicking one of the buttons will immediately create the item, file it in the inbox, and open the item to begin editing. Quick buttons are useful for when you need to quickly jot something down for later. An example scenario would be if you received a phone call and needed to immediately start typing some notes. When the call is over, you can title it and add your own workspace and category tags.

A Note created by a Quick Button is tagged and filed in the inbox and has no title.

3. Uploading Files and Images

I’ll cover this topic more in depth in a later section.