Getting Started: 3. Define Your Organization Structure with Workspaces and Categories

#Workspaces and #categories are actually tags that will be assigned to content items. In most applications, tags are created when a user assigns one to a piece of content. This is also possible in Consol, but Consol also allows you to define workspace and category tags without any content.

To begin, we recommend creating some workspaces and categories that will define how you organize content. They can easily be renamed and restructured if you change your mind later on. In these tutorials, I will setup my Consol as if I run a company with many clients, I have a side project or two, I want to store some personal data, and I want to store some technical data.

It may be helpful to think of workspaces as places. For example, if you work for a company called “Microsoft”, you could add “Microsoft” as a workspace.

Create Workspaces
To create some workspaces, type a name in the Add Workspace box and press enter (no hashtag necessary) and then repeat for additional workspaces you want to create. I’ve created four. Over time this list will likely grow. On my primary account, I’m currently working with over 20 spaces in which I want to group projects. Other ideas for workspaces can be: outdoors, housing, school, travel, etc.

Reorder Workspaces
Once you have a few workspaces created, you may want to reorder them. You can drag them around to reorder, or you can click the title Workspaces to order them alpha numerically ascending or descending. The same ordering methods are applicable to the Categories panel as well. Consol will automatically save the most recent order of your workspaces and categories.

Create Categories
Now that you have some workspaces created, you can create some categories that are IN or associated with an existing workspace. First, select a workspace you created, then you will then see the category creation box become available. Type their names and press enter after each one to create categories. Below is what I have created:

You will notice that if you select a different workspaces, the category list will change. You can use the same category in multiple workspaces, but we’ll cover some advanced information about this later. You may continue to create additional categories in the rest of your workspaces. Don’t forget that these can easily be renamed and moved later.