Getting Started: 2. Setting Up Your Profile

Before you start working in Consol, we recommend setting up your profile. Your profile is where you can specify some personal information, most importantly, your Display Name (friendly name). If you don’t setup a Display Name, your email address will be used when you make comments, chat, or show up in user lists.

  1. Click Settings at the top left of Consol. You can alternatively click your email address at the top right:

    The settings page will load and default to Account & Billing:

    On this page you can change your password, view your past billing, and cancel your account. We’ll cover these things in detail in a later section.

  2. Click Profile in the left hand menu:

    The Profile Information page will load:

  3. Enter a Display Name and then click the Save Profile Info button.

    Keep in mind that other Consol users may try to find you using your display name. A name like Chaotic-Good Bard may or may not be the most effective name to help you be found by your team members (assuming you want to be found).

    The information you provide on this page will only be visible to your Connections. Consol Connections are like friends or colleagues. We recommend only providing what would be appropriate for the primary environment you plan to use Consol within. Consol Connections are covered in a later section.

    Don’t forget to save changes after adding additional information.