Getting Started: 1. Consol’s Layout

Upon first logging in, Consol will appear mostly empty. The layout is divided into a handful of sections, which are explained below.

  1. Views: These are the primary views in Consol. Lists is the default view where you define your organization and spend most of your time creating and viewing content items. The Calendar will display the exact same items from the list view, if the items have been scheduled, but in a calendar format. Settings is where you can view your profile, billing / account status, and more (which will be covered later).
  2. Workspace Panel: Workspaces are high-level categories. They are broad and are intended to group lower level categories together. There are seven default or permanent workspaces that are created by the system, one his hidden by default. Content will appear in these based on specific rules, covered in a later section. In addition to the default ones, you will create your own workspaces in this column. In the screenshot above, there are currently zero user-created workspaces.
  3. Category Panel: Categories group content items together. Categories also belong to workspaces (and can belong to more than one, more on this in the next section). There are also default/permanent categories within some of the default workspaces that will only appear when relevant workspaces are selected. You will also create your own categories. In the screen shot above, there are currently zero user-created categories.
  4. List View / Block List / “The List”: This large box is where your content will appear. Currently there is no content.
  5. Content Creator: This bar at the top is where content is created.
  6. Chatroom Panel: This is a list of chatrooms you belong to. You can create your own or join others’.
  7. Connections Panel: Connections are like friends. You can request to be connections with other users and when accepted, your connections will appear here.
  8. Upcoming Panel: This will display the soonest, future scheduled meetings, events, or items.