December 15, 2016 Patch Notes

Patch Notes for December 15th, 2016 Features & Changes: Users are now able to share entire workspaces and categories at once (team sharing) Added four new default (hard) categories under tasks: My Tasks, My Completed, Shared Tasks, Shared Completed Made our sign-in server more secure Added browser notification functionality Bugs: Fixed a bug where creating … Continue reading December 15, 2016 Patch Notes

June 16th, 2016 Patch Notes

Patch Notes for June 16th, 2016 Fixed a bug where in some cases the content selector was not automatically switching to bookmarks after pasting a URL into the creator field Fixed a bug where in rare cases, bookmarks were not showing up in their proper workspaces and categories Fixed a UI bug where marking tasks … Continue reading June 16th, 2016 Patch Notes

May 25th, 2016 Patch Notes

Patch Notes for May 25th, 2016 Fixed a bug where marking tasks as completed in the tasks workspace and “active” category causes a “blink”effect where the task does not remove itself from “Active” Fixed a bug where the website fields on a Contact were not saving user input Performing a password reset from the Sign … Continue reading May 25th, 2016 Patch Notes

Tutorial 012: Encryption

Security In an environment where the boundaries of privacy are constantly redefined, you should be able to keep some information to yourself. If this is your productivity environment, then you should have control over your content’s security. Consol begins by establishing a secure network connection using your browser to keep your activities in Consol hidden … Continue reading Tutorial 012: Encryption

Tutorial 011: Calendar

Timeline The calendar collects your scheduled items and displays all of them in one place so that you can view each of them in relation to your other scheduled content. It’s a handy way to get a feel for your schedule all at once. Click on the “Calendar” button to navigate to the calendar view, … Continue reading Tutorial 011: Calendar

Tutorial 010: Default Workspaces

Default workspaces The seven default workspaces at the top left of your browser are the basis of Consol’s utility. They are permamnent and cannot be moved. That is because they represent basic content management as well as connectivity with other users and the Consol Operators. Each has a specific purpose. Inbox Incoming content copies from … Continue reading Tutorial 010: Default Workspaces

Tutorial 008: Search

Universal vs contextual search The search bar is located at the very top of Consol: In general, performing a search will display all relevant results, no matter what workspace is selected. The only exceptions to this relate to the People and Bugs workspaces. Selecting People or Bugs before executing a search will filter the search … Continue reading Tutorial 008: Search