Who is Consol for?

Teams and individuals who work on computers. Consol was created to bring together different types of content into one place (notes, tasks, bookmarks, etc.) instead of spread out across multiple apps. It also was designed to help users see as much work content as possible, and there’s a good reason for this. Consol is different.

Is there a mobile app?
Not at this time. If we grow to a certain point, then we’ll build out native apps. Consol was built for people who work on computers. This is how we work and so this is what we prioritized. A mobile app will be a helpful, but for now, if you primarily work from your phone, Consol is probably not for you. However, it is mobile/responsive and will work on any device.

Does it sync with anything?
It currently syncs one-way from Google calendar to Consol. We plan to expand this to bi-directional and add additional options to sync to other platforms. It doesn’t yet support importing content except your calendar events/meetings. You can import an ics or ical calendar file.

Is there a free trial and do I have to provide my credit card information?
Yes and yes. We have considered removing the credit card requirement for the free trial, but we haven’t determined a “freemium” model that 1) doesn’t use ads and 2) doesn’t frustrate the user with arbitrary restrictions. There’s a 26 second video on the pricing page that will show you how to setup an email reminder 1 day before your credit card is charged so you can cancel before that happens if Consol is not right for you.

Is there a free version?
No. Free would require ads for us to make any money and we are trying to avoid ads.

Can I attach files to my projects?
Yes—files can be uploaded as their own content items within a workspace and category. However, Consol is not a replacement for Dropbox, Google Drive, or Box, which are services that integrate with your local file system. The file features in Consol are aimed at smaller sets of files you want to associate with a project and share with a team.

What kinds of content does Consol support?
Notes, tasks, bookmarks, code snippets, events/meetings, contacts, files, images, time tracking, and chat (including chat rooms).