Become A Better Freelancer By Using These Web Apps

Being a freelancer isn’t easy, you’ll often find yourself being spread too thin or not having enough time to spend with your friends and relatives.

While it isn’t possible to add more hours to your day, there are a few web apps out there that can help you save some time and make your work much easier.

Today we’ll have a look at how you can become a better freelancer by using these web apps.

Google Docs

Google Docs is quite possibly the best writing tool out there.

I myself have used Google Docs for the majority of my career and I can tell you without a shadow of a doubt that it is the most useful weapon in my arsenal.

It makes it easy for you to share documents with your clients with a single link or email.

Collaborative editing is a breeze with Google Docs’ real-time shared editing capabilities.

All your progress is automatically backed up on Google Drive whenever you have an active internet connection.

You don’t have to worry about being unable to make changes while you’re offline because Google Docs lets you work on your documents even when you aren’t connected to the internet.

It syncs your offline changes with your backed up document as soon as you go online.

Google Docs also supplies you with an extensive gallery of templates to choose from which can be a major time-saver when writing up contracts or resumes.

If you’re a fan of Microsoft Word then you’ll be an even bigger fan of Google Docs, why?

Because Google Docs can be converted to Word documents and vice versa!

Make sure to check out all the available add-ons for Google Docs as well.


You probably think that we’re shamelessly plugging ourselves right?

The truth is, Consol wouldn’t be on this list if it didn’t deserve its spot.

Consol allows you to do most of your work on a single platform.

Whether it’s listing tasks, taking notes, or setting up reminders, we’ve got you covered.

We allow you to organize your data with tags and you can even encrypt all the information that you store on the site!

For the low price of $9/month, you can say goodbye to wasted time, procrastination, and forgotten tasks. View our monthly prices here.


With Dropbox, you can easily share your files with clients, collaborators, or even across your own devices.

When you use Dropbox, every file is only one link away.

Dropbox allows you to access your stored files on all your devices so that you can work at home or on the go.

You’ll never lose your data because even if you lose one of your devices, you can access everything on Dropbox on any device, anytime!

Dropbox can store and preview a wide array of files. Click here to see all supported file formats.


Grammarly is by far the most intelligent grammar-checking software on the market.

It can detect over 250 different types of grammatical errors.

Not only will it correct your mistakes, it will also give you a detailed explanation of what you did wrong so that you can improve your writing rather than relying on grammar-checking software.

The Grammarly team is constantly updating its algorithms to ensure that their users get the best results out of the famous web app.

The free version is more than enough for most users but you can also get a premium subscription if you want the software to correct more advanced errors.

The Chrome extension automatically scans any and all text that you type into your browser which can be useful when posting on social media or responding to a client’s email.


Slack is one of the top messaging platforms for freelancers, entrepreneurs, and pretty much any other type of businessman or woman that you can think of.

You can create public channels, private rooms, and even send direct messages to anyone on your server.

You can also make free voice calls, start video chats, and share your screen.

Google Drive, Evernote, and similar web apps can also be integrated on your Slack server.

If you’re looking for a stress-free communication platform, Slack is definitely the right place to be.

The bottom line

Yes, being a freelancer is a hustle, a grind, even a struggle.

At times you’ll think it may be impossible to succeed.

The important thing to bear in mind is that as long as you persist, have patience, and utilize a web app or two, you’ll reach the light at the end of the tunnel before you know it.